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Arctic Refuge Virtual Bird Festival



New Songs. New Sounds. New Voices. 

Birds Tell Us

Schedule at a Glance

11.14 - The Refuge/Migration connects us

11.15 - Chickadees

11.16 - Peregrine falcons & featured guests

11.17 - Whimbrels & featured guests

11.18 - Common eiders

11.19 - Red-Throated loons

11.20 - Birds and a changing climate/Action

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#BringBirdsBack #BirdsTellUs

Join the conversation


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Sebastian Garber, designer

Sebastian Garber, a Dena’ina Athabascan designer from Anchorage Alaska started his career in Washington at a flyfishing periodical. He then moved to Portland Oregon, where he spent time at Nike and numerous design firms working on everything from Backcountry dot com to the pop-electronic group Odesza. He has most recently spent time at the Anchorage Museum working on a refreshed brand identity and experiential exhibitions. He spends his personal time in the mountains during all seasons, and on the water. 

fm140 6x8.jpg

Fran Mauer, retired Arctic Refuge biologist

Fran Mauer spent 14 years surveying peregrine falcons along the Porcupine River. This annual survey of nesting falcons was necessitated by their endangered status as a result of DDT exposure in the lower 48, as well as in Central and South America. Fran will tell the story of this bird’s recovery and what he learned from this work about the interconnectedness of the Porcupine country with the rest of the Arctic Refuge, adjacent Canada and beyond. He will also describe some of the interesting geological history that created the Peregrine habitat and share human stories of the Porcupine River region including some unexpected discoveries. 

Debbie Miller.png

Debbie S. Miller, author

Over the past four decades, Debbie S. Miller has explored many of Alaska’s wild places and written nature books about the extraordinary wildlife and environments. One of her favorite places is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge where she first saw an American Golden Plover, along with thousands of caribou. From her experiences and studies in the Arctic Refuge she wrote several children’s books including Flight of the Golden Plover, A Caribou Journey, and A Polar Bear Journey. Her first adult book about the Arctic Refuge, Midnight Wilderness, is based on 14 years of wilderness adventures there.

Featured Guests


Rez Life Bird Singers

Wednesday 330 Alaska/730 Eastern


Songs from the Pipa Aha Macav, the People of the River
The Rez Life Bird Singers are enrolled members of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe who's reservation spans the states of California, Arizona, & Nevada in the heart of the Mojave desert. Lead singer, Johnny Ray Hemmers, is sitting member of the Fort Mojave Tribal Council and an instructor at the Pipa Aha Macav Culture Center on the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation. Rez Life Birdsingers share traditional songs & dances to preserve the rich history & tradition of the Fort Mojave Tribal people. more



Journey to the Arctic: A conversation about migratory birds


Tune into 'Journey to the Arctic: A conversation about migratory birds' for panel discussions with Arctic migratory bird experts from around the world and learn more about what our feathered friends tell us.   

Tuesday 11.15 & Thursday 11.17

at 8AM Alaska/Noon EST 



Casey Burns.jpg

Casey Burns

Bureau of Land Management

Marcela Castellino.jpg

Marcela Castellino


Rob Clay.jpg

Rob Clay


Robb Kaler.PNG

Robb Kaler

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Rick Lanctot.jpg

Dr. Rick Lanctot

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Rebecca McGuire.PNG

Dr. Rebecca McGuire

Wildlife Conservation Society

Liliana Naves.jpg

Liliana Naves

Alaska Department

of Fish & Game

Dr. Martin Robards.PNG

Dr. Martin Robards

Wildlife Conservation Society

Gerrit Vyn.png

Gerrit Vyn

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Featured Birds

Live Schedule

Updated daily




Joanne Bryant's story


USFWS staff reflect on their connections to the Refuge. Their stories

aaron lang gray headed chickadee.jpg


“Tshcick-a-dee-dee” Chickadees


There's no place like home, even at 40 below (story map / article)

The Loss of Birdsong:

an elder's story


Aaron Lang



Journey to the Arctic: a conversation about migratory birds part 1

Songs From On High: Peregrine Falcons


"My Time Among the Peregrine Falcons of the Porcupine River."

5PM Alaska/Zoom

#PostARaptor (with Arctic Refuge Ecologist Paul Leonard)

Kyle Tansley/Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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