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1980's Arcade style video graphics montage with Retrowave music -undulating purple mountains - neon text reads Arctic National Wildlife Refuge presents - a new experience - Arctic Refuge Virtual Bird Fest - eagle flies through text - text then reads #ArcticBirdFest

Join U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Audubon Alaska for this free online festival. Full of interactive, fun, and informative activities highlighting the amazing migratory birds of the Arctic, follow along on the various social media platforms listed below. Updated daily!

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  • 2020 FEATURED Guests

    Photography - Khurram Khan

    Music - Ben Mirin


    Artwork by

    Sara Wolman

2020 Daily Themes



Social Media | Interactive

Daily: #ArcticBirdFest 

Monday: #HowDoYouArctic

Tuesday: #AskABiologist

Wednesday: #PostADuck

Thursday: #TeamRaptor #TeamSongbird

Friday: #WorstBirdPhoto

  • 11.9 Arctic Refuge

    Social Media | All Platforms

    IG Live with Sara Wolman 8PM EST @USFWS

    #HowDoYouArctic? Share what the Arctic Refuge means to you. 

  • 11.10 baby birds/ask a biologist

    Q&A | Social media - all platforms

    #AskABiologist and get your questions answered!

  • 11.11 waterfowl

    Q&A | Social media - all platforms

    #PostADuck photo and Arctic staff will respond whether or not that species nests in Arctic Refuge.  

  • 11.12 raptors/songbirds

    Post your own photos using the hashtags #TeamRaptor or #TeamSongbird. 

  • 11.13 owls/shorebirds

    Concert | @USFWS Facebook Premiere 9:30PM EST

    IG Live with Ben Mirin Saturday 11.14 2PM EST

    #WorstBirdPhoto: share the best of your worst bird photos!

  • 11.10

    Bird word search (download)

    Daily bird trivia (video)

  • 11.11

    Bird word search (download)

    Daily bird trivia (video)


  • 11.13

    Bird word search (download)

    Daily bird trivia (video)

    Climate Change in the Refuge (video)

    Ben Mirin concert (Facebook YouTube)


2020 Festival Highlights

2020 content to be posted daily in real time starting November 9th.

Guests 2020

Sara Wolman

Sara Wolman is a trained classic, digital artist, as well as a naturalist. Originally from New York, she now calls Fairbanks, Alaska home. Her work can be found at National Park Service sites and National Wildlife Refuges across the country. She has created artwork for conservation based non-profits such as The National Parks Conservation Association,, and the Katmai Conservancy, as well as international campaigns such as Fat Bear Week. To those overseas, you may have even caught her on BBC Breakfast! She currently works for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a Visual Information Specialist. When she is not working on conservation related art, she is often found rafting rivers, climbing mountains, and gaining inspiration from the beautiful world we live in.

Ben Mirin

Ben is an ethnobiologist, sound artist and educator who travels the world recording animal sounds for research, and samples their voices to create music that inspires conservation. Ben is the creator and host of the digital and television series WILD BEATS on National Geographic Kids and Nat Geo Wild, and a “National Geographic Explorer,” meaning he has received grants from the National Geographic Society. He is also a Fellow at The Safina Center and The Explorers Club, an Ambassador at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and was the first Artist in Residence at the Bronx Zoo. A lifelong naturalist and musician, Ben combines his two passions to capture untold stories about nature through sound. 

11.9 interview

7:00PM EST | IG Live @USFWS

11.13 Concert

9:30PM EST | Facebook Premiere @USFWS

11.14 interview

2:00PM EST | IG Live @USFWS


Khurram Khan

Hailing from New Jersey, Khurram Khan is a physician by trade but a photographer and avid lover for our natural world. He has always been fascinated with photography. When he was a teenager, his father gave him a film camera and while he learned how to use it, his interest in photography really didn't peak until his early 30s. "I picked up a camera to photograph the sites of NYC where I was living at that moment. On my way back from the Statue of liberty, seagulls flying next to the boat caught my interest. I snapped a few images and when I got home I was totally hooked. Soon this hobby became a passion. After my training was completed I moved to New Jersey and started to photograph in my spare time. Soon I was travelling further and further away and watching the wonderful natural beauty of this planet and the inhabitants that call it home," said Khurram.


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